Answers to commonly asked questions about HGT Precision Gearboxes and services


What is the pricing for HGT Precision 6, 5 & 4 Speed Sequential Gearboxes? 

The price of your solution depends on the options you require. Please click on www.hgtprecision.com/information-request to tell us what you need. We’ll have a quote in your hands within 24 hours (generally the same day)

What warranty does HGT provide?

We stand behind our products for any material or workmanship faults. However, given that our gearboxes are mostly used in Race applications and we are unable to control the conditions the gearbox will be used in; frequency of maintenance or driver shift technique…so; like the rest of the Racing industry, no warranty is offered or implied. Specifically; in no event shall HGT Precision Co. Ltd, its Directors, Employees or Agents be liable for any kind of general, special, indirect or consequential damages arising from the use of HGT Precision Gearboxes and Accessories. All HGT Precision Gearboxes and Accessories are sold as-is. Purchasers and users assume all risks associated with the use of HGT Precision Gearboxes and Accessories. 

What are HGT’s final quality checks before the gearboxes are shipped?

Each gearbox has a unique identifier attached to the back plate. These unique codes reference build date, the engineer who assembled the gearbox, gearbox model, batches of materials used and the gearbox version number.

1) A pressure leak down test is performed to ensure all seals are working correctly.

2) We run the gearbox on a bench dyno (with oil inside) checking all operations.

3) A short video clip is made of each gearbox going through shifts on the bench.

4) The build data, leak down test data and video recordings are all stored electronically against each gearbox unique identification number for future reference.

5) We perform a number of other high-tech checks as well, but given our competitors read our website we'd be naive to list them all here.

How long after I place my order will I receive my gearbox?

Generally speaking, we will ship your HGT gearbox within 3 weeks of receiving your written order and deposit – sometimes even faster.

What deposit is needed to confirm my order?

We request a $4,000 deposit with your written order as confirmation. On receipt of the same, we will generate a delivery date for your planning purposes.

How do you ship your gearboxes and what does it cost?

We ship all gearboxes via Air Freight providing delivery to International airports usually within 72 hours from leaving the factory. For our European customers, we use door to door delivery via UPS. We have a fixed contribution to shipping which will be detailed in your personal quotation. 

Who is the HGT Precision Dealer in my country?

HGT dealers are listed on our website. In countries or areas where we don't yet have a dealer, we sell directly to customers. Our website is updated on a regular basis as we add new dealers.

How will I get my gearbox serviced locally?

HGT gearboxes are fully serviceable in the field with tools found in any good race or gearbox shop. To strip and reassemble a gearbox takes less than 1.5 hours. Your local HGT Dealer has all the tools to handle this with ease, as would any professional workshop.

How do I order spare parts and how long does it take for them to be delivered?

You can order by email www.hgtprecision.com/contact or by calling +64 21 155 0999. We keep stock of ALL parts and ship via DHL, FEDEX or UPS within 24 hours of receiving payment giving a 3-4 day global delivery time.

How long do your dogs last for?

The answer to this regularly asked question is "it depends on your shift technique". Correct shifting technique should see the dogs last between 4000->5000 race km / 2500->3125 race miles

Are the Gears in HGT Gearboxes an integral part of the main and lay shafts, or are they removable?

With the exception of 1st, all other gears are removable saving you money when it comes time to replace worn parts.

What is the recommended service frequency for HGT gearboxes?

1) Gearbox oil of 0.9 ->1.1 litres (depending on whether 4, 5 or 6 Speed) should be changed after every second weekend of racing.

2) At the end of each race season, the gearbox should be removed and stripped, with the gears, bearings, shafts and dogs checked for wear. Whilst the gearbox is apart, the gears, main shaft and layshaft should be crack tested. These are low-cost tests and are the foundation of any good maintenance program on a racecar.

3) Any part found to be worn or damaged will need to be replaced.

Are HGT gearboxes capable of flat shifting?

All HGT gearboxes are capable of flat shifting with shift times as low as 40 milliseconds, however, you must have an ECU capable of handling closed loop flat shift. For the differences between open and closed loop flat shift please click www.geartronics.co.uk/closedloop.htm . We supply our own HGT Shift Cut Knob that not only fits on our own range of shift levers but is a generic fit for most other shift levers in the Motorsport industry  

Do you have bell houses or adaptor plates for different engines?

We don't make adaptor plates as they just introduce another variable. Instead, we have custom-made bell houses to suit most RWD performance cars. Our front plate is the GM Muncie bolt pattern. Our current bell house offerings are:

 - BMW In-Line 6, V8, V10

 - Ford Barra, Coyote, Windsor

 - GM LS OEM 168 tooth ring gear, 11"-12" clutches, front mount starter motor

 - GM LS Race 110 tooth ring gear, 5.5"- 7.5" clutches, rear mount starter motor

 - Honda K20/K24 in RWD configuration, F20C S2000

 - Mazda Rotary - Series 6 with rear starter motor mount

 - Mitsubishi EVO 1/2/3 in RWD configuration

 - Nissan SR20, RB25, RB26, RB30, VQ35, VR38, L Series

 - Toyota 1JZ, 2JZ, 1UZ, 3UZ, 3SGE Beams RWD, 86 

We're always developing others – just ask if you don't see your engine listed here.

Indexing the Bellhouse to the Crank

We take great care to provide accurate bell houses in shape, size and machining. Bell houses, however, can get dropped in shipment or damaged in the workshop, and no two engine blocks are exactly the same. To ensure smooth running and perfect alignment of the engine, bell house and gearbox, you must index the Bellhouse to the Engine Crankshaft before you run the Gearbox. This is common practice in all professional race teams and is just part of their standard set up irrespective of the brand of bell or gearbox they choose to use. There are many videos on Youtube that explain this procedure. Sadly many just bolt the Bellhouse up to the engine without checking and hope for the best. Hope is not a winning strategy when it comes to racing, so take the time to do it right...Index the Bell to the Crank - do it once, do it right. 

Which input shafts do you offer?

We currently offer Toyota 14 spline (V160/V161/6MT), Toyota 21 spline (R154), GM 26 spline, GM 26 spline with Nissan spigot, Mazda 23 spline and Nissan 24 spline. If you have a different requirement just ask, as we appreciate each country has some unique requirements.

Gearboxes with straight cut gears typically have a very loud whine. Are HGT gearboxes noisy too?

When it comes to noise and straight cut gears we like to think of ourselves as myth busters. Yes, our gears are straight cut for strength, but no they are not noisy. A happy customer came in from a circuit race and commented, “my oil pump is louder than your gearbox – I can’t believe how quiet these gearboxes are”. It’s all down the gear profiles we use, the evenness of loading on gear teeth due to our DIN5-6 finish, and the amount of backlash we design into gear meshing.

Do I need to use an oil cooler with your gearbox?

Oil in the gearbox should be kept between 100 and 110 Degrees Celcius for optimum lubrication efficiency. If you are running the gearbox continuously for less than 15 minutes, then a cooler is generally not required. The Siemens VDO part #405 040001001 or Tilton part #40-524 pumps work well when combined with a high-quality oil cooler. It's important to have the oil cooler located in a place with good airflow. Your ECU should be programmed to automatically turn the oil pump on at 110 Degrees C and off at 100 Degrees C to control temperatures in the gearbox. All HGT Gearboxes come fitted with a Bosch temperature sensor ready to plug into your ECU.

Which Brand and weight of Lubricant should I use with HGT Gearboxes?

You must use 100% Synthetic purpose designed gear oil of 75W140 rating. We recommend Motul Gear Competition 75W140, Nismo Motul 75W140 Competition Oil 2189E, Castrol Syntrax Limited Slip 75W140, Castrol Syntrax 80W140 or Redline 75W140 Gear Oil. DO NOT use any brand of "shockproof" oil, as it does not flow well through the bearings due to the significant amount of additives that "shockproof" lubricants contain.

Can I use Paddle Shift with HGT Gearboxes?

HGT Gearboxes interface with Motec, Shiftec, Life Racing and Geartronics Paddle-Shift systems with the simple addition of our custom made brackets.

Do HGT gearboxes have a Speed Sensor built in?

All HGT gearboxes come equipped with a reluctor wheel built into the output flange at no additional cost. For those who need a speed sensor for running speed referenced boost, launch control, traction control or a speedometer; we supply an HGT custom bracket and Honeywell GT101 Sensor as accessories for a complete bolt up solution

How can I calculate what the right gear ratios are for my application?  

There are many free to use calculators on the web...we've found this one easy to use for calculating the maximum speed in each gear. You can enter different final drive ratios, wheel sizes, gear ratios and max rpm to calculate the top speed in each gear. Another useful calculator for RPM drop between gears is here