HGT Precision provides designs to a respected Swiss company who has been in the gear business for 94 years spanning 4 generations who in turn provide manufacturing services to HGT.

Our Manufacturer also provides gears and technology to Formula 1, Formula 3, Le-Mans, and Indy Car race teams so are at the leading edge of gear manufacturing. You’ve heard the saying “nothing runs like a Swiss watch” and once you've seen, heard and experienced an HGT Sequential Gearbox, you’ll understand why the Swiss have become so famous for making things precisely! Our straight cut diamond ground gears are specified for a smooth DIN 5/6 finish. We benchmark our competitors and have found some with DIN ratings as high as 12 (DIN 4 is F1 standard - the higher the number the lower the quality)

International DIN ratings relate to the uniformity of the surface and overall concentricity with 5 or 6 being considered outstanding. (The higher number, the less uniform the surface is). Our superior DIN rating enables tighter gear backlash by design, so there's no need for us to build in excessive backlash as compensation for inferior design or manufacturing capability.

The pitch, angle and profile of HGT Precision gears have been designed for ultimate efficiency and strength resulting in a sequential manual gearbox that runs cooler with very low noise levels relative to most other brands with straight cut gears. Low noise also makes our race gearboxes totally streetable, where most others whine loudly.