Where we use aluminium alloy, we’ve chosen the best 7075-T6 heat-treated billet.

While it’s an expensive material, it is the strongest aluminium alloy available and is the industry standard for many aerospace and military applications.

7075-T6 alloy is as strong as many steels with a tensile strength of 85,000 PSI. The strength and rigidity of a gearbox casing are crucial for gear performance, so we elected not to compromise performance by choosing a material that has flex as part of its metallurgy.

We use the highest quality European grades of case-hardened alloy steels from qualified steel mills in our HGT Sequential Gearboxes. You may ask what the difference is? Well; not all material sources are the same. Some steel mills control the quality strictly while others not so. If the mechanical or chemical properties of a steel grade vary, this affects the heat treatment process which is critical to gear performance and longevity.


Our steel suppliers submit quality certifications with every batch we receive, ensuring the material complies with our standards allowing us to maintain a consistent surface hardness after our heat treatment process while maintaining high core strength for a tougher, stronger gear tooth.


The bearings and sensors we have chosen are the best in the business built to fine tolerances, exacting, performing precisely as you’d expect from quality branded Swedish (SKF) manufacturers.