Our Swiss designed straight cut gears are not hobbed like many other brands; rather they are continuously ground to achieve a smooth DIN 5/6 finish.

We have benchmarked competitors and found some with DIN ratings as high as 12! (higher numbers equal less uniform gear profiles). International DIN ratings relate to the uniformity of the surface and overall concentricity with our DIN rating of 5/6 being considered outstanding.

In addition, our superior DIN rating enables tighter gear backlash by design, basically there is no need for us to build in excessive backlash as compensation.

Our Swiss engineers design the pitch, angle and profile of HGT Precision gears for ultimate efficiency and strength resulting in a gearbox that runs cooler with very low noise levels relative to most other brands. We use constant mesh dog engagement for gear changes as fast as 40 milli-seconds.

All gears are heat treated in-house to provide strength and longevity.