We have the word Precision in our company name because that's what we do, it’s part of our DNA and it's what defines us in the market place.

For the design and build of our gearboxes we have accessed the very best gear designers from Switzerland who have been in the business for 92 years spanning 4 generations.

They currently make gears, gearboxes and technology for Formula 1, Formula 3, Le-Mans race teams and supply OEM gearbox technology for the race spec Audi R8.

You’ve heard that nothing runs like a Swiss watch, and once you've seen, heard and experienced an HGT Sequential Gearbox, you’ll understand why the Swiss have become so famous for getting things right!

  • Where we use aluminum alloy, we’ve chosen the best 7075-T6.
  • Where we have choice from different formats of raw alloy, we’ve chosen heat-treated billet.
  • Where we could have saved money and sandcast our cases, we’ve chosen CNC milling.
  • Where we could have saved money on cheap bearings and sensors from low cost countries, we sourced branded components from European and British manufacturers.
  • Unlike some of our competitors, the Heat Treatment of all components used  in HGT Gearboxes is performed in house. This means we have total control over the process giving you and us peace of mind. Its great to not have to double guess/hope and pray that outside suppliers have got it right.


All components in our gearboxes are made on either German or USA premium quality manufacturing equipment in ISO 9001 accredited factories.

The factories use only the best European quality measuring devices available in Temperature controlled metrology rooms.