​​​​​​​Why buy HGT?

HGT Precision provides world-leading quality sequential gearboxes with Swiss engineering and manufacturing in ISO 9001 2014 qualified factories.

HGT Gear Cases are CNC'd from Billet 7075-T6 alloy for longevity, strength and rigidity, allowing gears to run true and even loading of the bearings.

HGT Shift forks are CNC'd from Billet steel for zero flex which provided a more positive shift than cast or bronze shift forks.

HGT Dog Gears are Diamond Ground to DIN5-DIN6 standards for super quiet and efficient running, - not inferior hobbed gears which are noisy, susceptible to gear face pick-off and generate unnecessary heat. 

HGT probably have the quietest straight cut geared, dog-engaged dog box transmissions in the world.

We typically ship globally via airfreight four weeks after ordering.


HGT Precision provides a total solution

6, 5 & 4 Speed Sequential Transmissions

A range of 5 input shafts to suit most clutches.

A range of 22 Bell houses to suit most performance engines with Cast or Billet CNC options.

Gear Indicator Display

A range of Racing Shifters to suit most driver’s ergonomic requirements

Yoke or Slip Yoke to attach your driveshaft

Built-in temperature sensor and sender

Ready to bolt up to Motec, Shiftec or Geartronics Paddle Shift systems

Dual circuit shift drum sensor enabling noise-free signals for paddle shifting

Flat Shifter Gear Knob with Full Bridge system

Built-in reluctor wheel ready to accept our speed sensor option

We’re Open 6 days per week: 8am - 7pm

You can talk to the owners directly (not just the salesperson or secretary)

We’re responsive and flexible to requests

We provide finance in Australia and New Zealand

We carry multiples of every single part for all gearboxes in two locations globally and ship the same day we receive your payment.

So whether your racing passion is Circuit, Roadrace, Time-Attack, Drag, Drift, Rally or Autocross, we’ve probably got a racing transmission solution that's right for you.