Toyota Supra 6 Speed Manual Sequential Transmission

Tuesday January 28, 2020
HGT launches a holistic bolt up drive train solution for the A80 Supra.


The Getrag V160/161 6 Speed H Pattern Gearboxes that were originally fitted to the Turbo A80 Supras are now obsolete and parts are extremely difficult to find. With that in mind and the growing number of high powered Supras looking for a solution, HGT Precision has developed their bolt-in 6 Speed Sequential Transmission package for medium to high powered street and competition cars.

The kit is based around HGT's world-renown 7075 Billet 6 Speed Sequential Gearbox, but with many accessories that make the installation easy and provides a true bolt-in solution.

We use 7075 Billet for our gearbox casing for ultimate rigidity. This is the strongest alloy known to man and when combined with our ridge braced design, torsional twist which is the main killer of gearboxes is eliminated which in turn allows the gears to run true and bearings to load evenly.

Our gears are straight cut for strength but are "Diamond Ground" making them much quieter vs other straight cut gear competitors. Of course, with the dramatically reduced noise; gearbox temperatures run cooler... so much so that for street use, a cooler is generally not required. Check out this 1100 hp NOS fired Street weapon and see what we mean.

HGT Precision 6 Speed Gearboxes have been run without issue behind 3.4 Litre Supras making 1500hp/1120kw and 1200ftlb/1600nm in roll racing and street applications. Check out Juan Uribe's NOS snorting Roll Racing beast in the USA...HGT transmissions are strong and reliable.

HGT Sequential Transmissions are super easy to shift with proper technique - you can shift with two fingers as seen in this video. Yes, you can flat shift (wide open throttle, no clutch) as long as your ECU is capable of Closed Loop Flat Shift and you have an electronic throttle body. You can also enjoy rev-matched auto blipped clutchless downshifts if your ECU has this feature.


The HGT Supra Kit consists of: 

6 Speed Sequential Gearbox with 1:1 6th or 1:1 5th and OD 6th 0.88

2JZ Bellhousing with our Patent Pending Vernier Bell technology

Clutch release bearing and shims

Billet CNC Shifter with built-in reverse light trigger and wiring loom

Custom shifter leather boot, connecting rod and mount 

Billet CNC Digital gear position display 

Gearbox temperature sensor that connects to your ECU 

Gearbox rear subframe ready to bolt in

Driveshaft safety hoop

7075 Billet CNC two-piece driveshaft delete (convert to one piece)

Driveshaft measurements

Speed Sensor and Bracket

Gearbox breather kit




Order to shipping time is typically 4 weeks. 


If you'd like a "delivered to your door" quote for our HGT Precision 6 Speed Sequential Gearbox kit for your Supra, please just click here; fill in the details and type SUPRA KIT in the "Comments" box.