HGT Diamond Ground Gears

Monday July 12, 2021
The difference between hobbed gears and diamond ground gears


Most people do not have a need to understand what a hobbed gear is and where its application is best, let alone compare that to a diamond ground gear for a performance car.

The main use for hobbing gears is in helical, spur, sprockets, splines and smaller gears, where speed of manufacturing is the key factor of manufacturing. They can be produced a lot faster and thus cheaper. Times have changed, expectations have gone up for real performance on the race track. Your transmission performance should be manufactured by the best process for the performance application. HGT Precision has raised the bar.

Diamond grinding gears is a much longer process and is preferred by professional teams worldwide. Creating a gear that is specific in process and expectations means that it will perform very well within its parameters when compared to traditional styles of gear manufacturing. 


What makes diamond grinding such a great process? The high thermal conductivity grinding properties of diamond abrasives allow a high amount of the heat generated during the process to be taken out vs. being put into the gear surface as the action is taking place. Second, the ability to create a repeatable process that creates a stronger, smoother, quieter gear that has increased pitting resistance and generates less heat. When you combine all these benefits together it translates to a longer service life in racing conditions.

Diamond grinding is considered a super abrasive with properties and performance unmatched by hobbing. The Hobbing process for gears is where average performance and lower cost are the governing criteria. Many hours of gear simulation and data analysis go into choosing the best methods for gear performance. HGT has done their homework and developed an amazing product for racing and performance street applications (for those who want the best and want to win).




What does this mean for off the line and track performance?

Just like the precision that goes into your engine, a precision sequential transmission helps get the power to the drive wheels in more efficient manner. The speed / efficiency of our sequential gearboxes, and their ability to handle a lot of power are cornerstones to HGT's commitment to performance. Demand the best.

Getting the gear profile and gear meshing characteristics "right" is why HGT Sequential Transmissions are probably the quietest straight cut design sequential dog engaged gearboxes in the world. Yes, it is a longer, more tedious and expensive practice, but we feel that the results regarding reliability and performance speak for themselves.

Quick shifts, strength of a Billet 7075 CNC case, quiet operation with minimal maintenance are a must for most enthusiasts who want the best for their cars.

Check out our many videos of customer cars and you'll see that these are purpose built performance cars that are the sum of all their parts. When it comes to performance and precision, you can count on HGT Sequential Transmissions.