Shift Cut Knob

Flat Shifting with shift cut times as fast as 38 milliseconds

The HGT Shift Cut Knob uses a Full Bridge Strain Gauge which produces a very stable output signal. The Shift Cut Knob can be retrofitted onto any HGT Shift lever, along with most other branded shift levers in the market. It is designed for sequential gearboxes only ie North-South movement on the shifter.

The knob is fitted with an internal amplifier to provide a +/- 2.5V analogue output about the neutral position. You will need an ECU capable of accepting an analogue signal to produce a programmable shift cut duration.

The shift cut knob is supplied with an M12x1.75 female fitment but can easily be converted to a male fitment with a stud insert. The entire setup is corrosion resistant with the intermediate mount being made from stainless steel. The 6 locking screws supplied and the internal components are of aircraft grade aluminium. The knob is manufactured from a high density insulating black urethane and can comfortably be held without race gloves.

The unit is very robust and is able to take abuse such as inadvertent excessive force sometimes exerted in race conditions. The unit is orientation specific front to rear and as such is designed with the flexibility to be positioned during installation exactly...without the use of ugly jam nuts.