Gearbox Shift Levers

Personalized Positioning

The HGT Precision Shift levers are works of art with smooth flowing lines, massive strength and finish quality that amplifies the components used in production.

The lever is CNC machined from billet 7075-T6 alloy. The base plate is CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet…simply put; this shifter will take all you can throw at it. The shift lever pivot point is critical, so rather than using brass bushes like some, we press in cylindrical roller bearings either side of the pivot on a generously sized steel main shaft to ensure there is no slop in the shift setup, and that the shifter will last for years to come.

Zero slop in shifter increases the consistency of the trigger used for flat shifting. We anodize the shifter in satin black for a clean and protective finish. Our hand-finished ergonomic detachable black shift knobs are secured onto the lever seamlessly and sit 358mm or 342mm above the bottom of the base plate - perfect for most. Because each car is different and each driver has a unique seating position, we provide our Shift Lever setup as a remote fit.

This means you get shift lever exactly where you want it. You simply cut the supplied solid alloy shift rod to length, right hand tap one end (we’ve already tapped the left-hand thread end) and secure the connecting rod to the shift arm with the supplied rod ends. Reverse engagement is built into the main shift lever with a Lockout and Lock-in system. 

Centre Tunnel or Right Offset?

We have options for lateral placement

  • Centre of the driveshaft tunnel through to 40mm closer to the steering wheel (in a RHD race car).  

There is +/- 20mm of lateral movement from these positions. 


On both levers, reverse is engaged by selecting neutral, depressing the clutch,  pushing the Lock-out mechanism with your thumb, and then squeezing the reverse trigger lever with your first two fingers. The supplied cable and fittings do the work with the gearbox to engage reverse gear. Just release the clutch and you’re backing up.