Our 6 Speed Gearbox is the best choice for Circuit Racing, Road Racing and Time Attack. The gears are straight cut strong and Diamond Ground to DIN5/DIN6 standards for maximum efficiency and even load distribution across the gear teeth. The gears use constant-mesh dog engagement for shifts as quick as 40 milliseconds. Probably the world's quietest straight cut geared, sequentially shifted, dog box transmissions, with almost none of the whine traditionally associated with this industry race standard. This gearbox is totally streetable, generates less heat than competitors and has been successfully tested behind engines with 1500hp/1100kw and 1600nm/1200ftlb in race conditions.



Internal Splash






  • GM               26 tooth spline
  • GM/Nissan   26 tooth spline with Nissan spigot
  • Mazda          23 tooth spline
  • Nissan          24 tooth spline
  • Toyota          21 tooth spline (R154)
  • Toyota          14 tooth spline (V160 / V161/ 6MT)

Others possible on request



38.5kg or 85lb



440mm Long

180mm Wide

277mm Tall



Choose one column

1st  2.60 2.60 2.44 2.44 2.16

2nd 1.88 1.80 1.80 1.88 1.80   

3rd  1.52 1.42 1.52 1.52 1.52

4th  1.28 1.18 1.28 1.28 1.28

5th  1.13 1.00 1.13 1.13 1.13

6th  1.00 0.88 1.00 1.00 1.00

Rev 2.94 on all  


Oil Outlet and Inlet for lines for Pump, Filter and Cooler options

Gearbox Breather

Oil Temperature sensor

Oil Fill

Oil Drain with a magnetic plug



1000 nm / 738 ftlb / 102kg and 11,000 RPM



GM Muncie



Flange pre-drilled for 1350 Series Yoke or Slip Yoke - supplied with hardware. Comes pre-fitted with a reluctor wheel ready to accept our Speed Sensor to enable launch control, traction control, speed referenced boost or a digital speedometer.



HGT Billet CNC Shift Lever with remote mount base. Centre of Tunnel, Right or Left Offset shift lever positions. Two different height options to accommodate driver preference. Reverse is integrated into the shift lever and comes with trigger for a reverse light and loom, or reverse can be remotely mounted for Paddle Shift setups 

HGT Shift Cut Knob - Analogue signal with a full-bridge system

HGT Billet Paddleshift interface brackets for Motec, Geartronics, Shiftec and Life Racing actuators actuators

HGT Billet CNC Digital Gear Position Display

HGT Billet Push Clutch Release Bearing with Shims

HGT Billet Speed Sensor Bracket and GT101 Sensor

HGT Breather Kit

HGT 1350 Series Yokes bolt up to output flange and weld to the drive shaft. Slip Yoke for one-piece drive shafts, or Non-Slip Yoke for two-piece driveshafts.


Cast or Billet Vernier Bell Housings to allow direct fitting of HGT Gearboxes to:

BMW: Straight 6 M50, V8 M60, M62, S62, S65

GM: LS/SBC OEM style with 168 tooth ring gear, front mount starter motor 11”/12” clutch

Ford: Aluminator, Barra, Coyote, Duratec series, Windsor

Honda: K Series RWD, F20C S2000

Mazda:  Rotary Series 6 rear mount starter, MZR-L series 

Millington 2.5, 2.7, 2.8

Nissan: SR20, RB20, RB25, RB26, RB30, VQ35HR, VQ37HR, VR38 RWD

Toyota: 1JZ, 2JZ, 1UZ, 3UZ, 3SGE Beams, 86, 4AGE

Others available on request...just ask.